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Creating new comfort zones.

We inspire and empower organizations and individuals to shape purposeful, inclusive, and sustainable futures through innovation, collaborations, challenges, events and experiences.

The future belongs to the curious.

Curiosity is more than just a mindset—it's the raw material for groundbreaking innovation. Dutch Innovation ignites the collision of art, science, philosophy, technology and business. 

Dutch Innovation sparks and fosters curiosity, creativity and connection.

The core of Dutch Innovation is collaborating with organizations who are seeking to amplify their creative and innovative powers to create heartfelt value. We are value designers, strategists, fire starters, coaches and connectors dedicated to create impact drive and innovative cultures.

What do you want to amplify?

Our founding DID-partners.


The team.

Get in touch with the team to create better stories and do good.
Image by Daniel K Cheung
Portretfoto Peter.jpg

Martha Riemsma

Fire starter

Anke Laarhuis

Value creator

Nicky Bouwman

Basecamp Manager

Peter Oosterwijk


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