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Become a Dutch Innovation Fellow

• Unlock Your Potential.
• Grow your network.
• Connect with professional peers.

Join the Dutch Innovation Fellows today and become the change maker. As a Dutch Innovation Fellow you are part of a save and bright group that’s driving real change. Everyone is contributing with different perspectives and knowledge. Whether you’re sparking new ideas or transforming challenges into opportunities, every session is a step toward greater innovation and impact.


Dutch Innovation Fellow Circles.


peers in one circle


deep dives a year


diners and lunches


different meeting venues


Become part of an exclusive community of 15 like-minded and diverse thinkers, all curious and open, holding key positions in their organizations. Together with the culture carriers, problem solvers, risk-takers, action-takers, and decision-makers you strive to make a difference for yourselves and your organizations. If you’re ready to engage in strategic discussions about transformation, culture, marketing, and technology, Dutch Innovation Fellow Circles is where you belong.

€1.650 excl. BTW

Priority DID Ticket


Bring a friend

Trip to hotspot

Fellow Circle People & Change

North/West; June 21, September 12, November 28, Januari 4, March 18

South/East; Oktober 8, December 14, February 18, April 16, June 16

Fellow Circle Strategy & Technology

North/West; Oktober 6, December 12, February 14, April 21, June 8

South/East; June 24, September 16, November 25 Januari 7, March 23

Join the Dutch Innovation Fellow Circles

You can register for the Dutch Innovation Fellow Circles using the form below. We will then contact you as soon as possible with more information!

Thank you for your application, we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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