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Think inside your box

In-the-Box Thinking is hailed as the most effective innovation method, outperforming out-of-the-box and other brainstorming techniques in speed, efficacy, and impact. This systematic approach, developed through the analysis of 6,000 patents, consists of five rules and five tools. It’s specifically designed for rational process thinkers and has proven to be the most efficient creative method. Dutch Innovation utilizes In-the-Box Thinking to initiate and accelerate transformation processes, enhancing ownership among stakeholders, shareholders, and right holders. By providing a structured yet creative framework, it supports the generation of innovative solutions that are feasibile, strategic and impactful.



what you do.

Break through fixed thought patterns systematically and counterintuitively. Plant the seed and embrace fun. Start with the problem to unlock benefits: versatile application, highest yield, most effective outcomes, greatest engagement, and shortest time to market. Experience the absolute coolest results with these 5 rules and 5 tools.

1. Define your closed world.
2. Choose the path of the greatest resistance.
3. Use the 5 Thinking Tools.

• Subtract • Multipy • Divide • Unify • Vary

4. Visualize your solution.
5. Apply ‘Function follows Form’.

The value designers of Dutch Innovation assist in training In-the-

Box Thinking and implementing and securing the methodology to

accelerate transformation and innovation processes.

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