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Innovation Tour Eindhoven; Curious Minds Match

On November 8, 2023, our first Innovationtour went to Eindhoven, uncovering the city’s innovation hotspots. Throughout the day, we experienced a series of visits to leading companies, fostering excitement and inspiration in the world of technology and innovation. The tour was more than just visiting companies; it was an exciting adventure that sparked everyone’s passion for discovery and innovation.

Exploring the innovation hotspots

The tour featured visits to several key companies, each offering unique insights:

🔍 Deep insights from ASML

🔋 A visit to DENS and their Formic Acid Battery Factory 💡 Inspiration from the designer Tineke Beunders from Aptum 📊 A strategy session at the Automotive Campus 🍽️ A networking dinner with pioneers from Innovation Origins NL

Connections Over Meals

Throughout the Innovationtour, meals became more than pauses; it were moments for bonding and idea exchange. Cyklist’s lunch break wasn’t just about eating; laughter resonated, and connections blossomed among participants. The diner at LOBBY van Piet Hein Eek provided creative discussions.

Have a look back


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