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Are you ready to become a volunteer at DID 24?

As a volunteer you will be one of the most important contributors to the success of the Dutch Innovation Days 2024! You will meet like minded people, get inspired, and open doors to your future. 

Tell us more about yourself

Please fill out the form below 

Personal information 
Work related
When are you available to help us? If you are only available for parts of a time slot, please mark it as available below and indicate in the last question what time you are not available!
What type of responsibilities would you be most interested in?
Is there a specific team you would like to join?
Do you have prior volunteering experience?
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Final remarks

After submitting you will receive a confirmation of your application by e-mail. Within a few days you will be contacted by us. More information regarding assigned team leaders, shifts, times will be shared with you later on.

That's all! We got your application, we wil contact you!

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